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  • 1. Pushparaj A. K. (2018), Green Banking initiatives by commercial banks in India, ICSSR sponsored National Seminar, Department of Commerce, Central University of Tamil Nadu.
  • 2. Pushparaj A. K. (2019), Innovations in Chit fund investment, Reading the World (ISBN: 9788193926857).
  • 3. Sabna T. S. (2019), Online Handwritten Malayalam Word Recognition from Ayurveda Prescriptions using Support Vector Machine, Compliance Engineering Journal, Volume10, Issue 1.
  • 4. Sabna T. S. (2020), Segmentation of Malayalam Handwritten Characters into Pattern Primitives and Recognition using SVM, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology(IJEAT), ISSN: 2249-8958, Volume-9, Issue-3.
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